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The Ultra Vivid Lament (Deluxe Digital Download)

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Deluxe Digital Download

  1. Still Snowing in Sapporo
  2. Orwellian
  3. The Secret He Had Missed (Feat. Julia Cumming)
  4. Quest for Ancient Colour
  5. Don’t Let the Night Divide Us
  6. Diapause
  7. Complicated illusions
  8. Into the Waves of Love
  9. Blank Diary Entry (Feat. Mark Lanegan)
  10. Happy Bored Alone
  11. Afterending
  12. Still Snowing in Sapporo (Demo)
  13. Orwellian (Demo)
  14. The Secret He Had Missed (Demo)
  15. Quest for Ancient Colour (Demo)
  16. Don’t Let The Night Divide Us (Nicky Wire Home Demo)
  17. Don’t Let The Night Divide Us (Demo)
  18. Diapause (Demo)
  19. Complicated Illusions (Nicky Wire Home Demo)
  20. Complicated Illusions (Demo)
  21. Into The Waves of Love (Demo)
  22. Blank Diary Entry (Demo)
  23. Happy Bored Alone (Demo)
  24. Afterending (Demo)